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Weplay Motor Skills Universal Set, 96 Pieces M2000

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Weplay Motor Skills Universal Set, 96 Pieces

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Weplay products provide creative gross-motor-development opportunities with a strong emphasis on balance. This unique product set helps kids strengthen their trunk and pelvic girdle muscles, as well as stimulate the balance receptors of their inner ears and the nerve endings on the bottom of their ft. Their bright primary and secondary colors are not only visually and cognitively stimulating, but also provide a method for cuing movement. All plastic components are manufactured to institutional standards. The Motor Skill Universal Set is the most complete early-elementary motor-skills discovery and development set we've ever offered. Includes 8 Bricks, 12 half-bricks, 4 balance beams, 8 hoops (4, 14 in hoops, 4, 24 in hoops), 16, 14 in posts, 8, 28 in posts, 24 clips (12 post-to-post and 12 hoop-to-post), 10 beanbags, 6 pairs of vinyl hands and ft and activity guide. Everything stores neatly in an included bag.

  • The motor skill education series is ideal for various age groups and meets the demands for motor development and theme-based exercise
  • The components in the motor skill set can be used separately or in combination to provide a platform for children to improve their physical skills

What's in the Box

8 Bricks, 12 Half-Bricks, 4 Balance Beams, 8 Hoops (4 - 14 in [35. 6 cm] and 4 - 24 in [61 cm]), 16 - 14 in (35. 6 cm) Posts, 8 - 28 in (71. 1 cm) Posts, 24 Clips (12 Post-To-Post And 12 Hoop-To-Post), 10 Beanbags and 6 Pairs Of Vinyl Hands and Feet

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