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The Fairies Tell Us About Sharing

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The Fairies Tell Us About Sharing

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The Fairies Tell Us stories are set in the land of fairies and enhanced with beautiful color illustrated forest landscapes populated with animals and fairies. Each story presents a gently told lesson for boys and girls to learn about dealing with their friends and treating them considerately. Pages at the back of the book are devoted to fairy lore, facts about nature, and discussion points pertaining to the book’s story. In The Fairies Tell Us About Sharing, it’s springtime in the Forest of Dreams, and little Keyla the Fairy is waiting for her apple tree to come into bloom. But she refuses to share her land with the birds, butterflies, and her other friends because she’s afraid they will damage the tree and prevent it from bearing blossoms and fruit. As time passes she begins to feel lonely and sad, and she begins to realize her mistake. She hurries to her friends and apologizes to them, inviting them to join her at her tree. She realizes at last that being generous makes everybody happy, including herself.