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Powered Field Array Speaker PI30-PS

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Powered Field Array Speaker PI30-PS

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Powered Field Array Speaker

Array technology targets a focused sound pattern directly at the audience instead of bouncing random and confusing sound off walls. It also projects a more evenly balanced sound so the front to the rear of the room hear the same volume.

  • Rugged steel grille for protection
  • Three transducers with high-energy neodynium magnets, which are twice as efficient as conventional ferrite magnets for more power from a smaller, lighter speaker (easier to install)
  • 1/4” mic in
  • DC in
  • Line in audio from whiteboards, LCD projectors, computers and other media players
  • Tone control
  • Volume on/off
  • Duplicate line in, mic and DC functions allow the speaker to be hung from multiple angles and still operate unit
  • Includes necessary wall-mounting hardware with bracket (MB30)