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Fellowes Laminating Pouches 5 mil 8-1/2 x 11" 100/box 52040

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Fellowes Laminating Pouches 5 mil 8-1/2 x 11" 100/box

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Product Description

Size: 100 Pack

From the Manufacturer

Fellowes Laminating Pouches are perfect for laminating letter-sized documents such as menu planners, small window signs, and portrait photos. Made to be used with a pouch laminator, these pouches create a clear, smooth, bubble-free seal around your important documents.

Laminate Important Documents with Ease

Designed to be used with a laminating machine, Fellowes Laminating Pouches enable you to preserve and protect your important documents. Using these pouches is simple. Just place your document into the pouch, then feed the pouch into your laminator, sealed edge first. Once your document is laminated, remove it immediately from the machine and let it cool. The resulting document will have an airtight seal and a clear, smooth, bubble-free finish.

Create Recipe Cards, Gift Tags, and More

Fellowes Laminating Pouches can be used many ways around the house. Make cards for treasured family recipes or preserve those you cut out of magazines. Create your own greeting cards and gift tags. You can also laminate take-out menus, maps, letters, printed digital photos, TV channel guides, and even empty seed packets to place in your garden.

Make a Professional Presentation

With these pouches, you can laminate your business cards before handing them out to clients, or you create laminated badges for your staff for easy identification and workplace security. Other uses at the office include laminating phone lists, laminating meeting notes and charts, and creating tradeshow displays.

Prepare Activity Sheets and More for Kids

For parents, Fellowes Laminating Pouches can be invaluable--whether you're creating personalized placemats, laminating your kids' sports schedules and team rosters, or preserving the artwork they made at school. You can also create laminated information cards for your children that include vital statistics and important contact information.

Teachers can use flash cards and other laminated materials in the classroom, write on them with a dry erase marker, and then wipe them clean for reuse.

Product Information

Each Fellowes Letter Laminating Pouch measures 11-1/2 inches by 9 inches (H x W). Compatible with all laminator brands, the pouches are suitable for documents that are handled moderately and where a semi-rigid, durable laminate is desired. Laminators are sold separately.

What's in the Box

Fellowes Letter Laminating Pouches.