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Magnetic Learning Letters LER 6304

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 Magnetic Learning Letters LER 6304

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Product Description

Soft foam letters with magnetic backing offer countless opportunities to work on alphabet awareness, letter-sound correspondence and early word building. Features color-coded letters – consonants (blue) and vowels (red).


     • 52 uppercase letters
     • 52 lowercase letters
     • Plastic storage bucket

Grades: PreK+

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Print Concepts

Learning Style: Visual, Tactile

Skill Development:

Language- Sort the letters by vowels and consonants, upper and lowercase, letters that have straight or curved lines, or letters with holes. This provides a student with practice in seeing and recognizing how letters are different from one another by look and feel.

Language- Set your sight on reading by introducing letters, phonics, and spelling gradually while having fun. Spell goofy words or mix up a student's name and have him place the letters in order. Sound out the words a student makes, even if they are not definable words. The practice of sounding out the letters leads to reading and identifying true words.

Basic Concepts- Letter magnets provide opportunities to work on alphabet awareness, letter-sound correspondence, and early word building. Promote and practice spelling C-V-C words.

Specification:Letters measure 1.75" tall. Magnetic Learning Letters LER 6304