ABC Caterpillar Oval Classroom Rug

The adorable and hungry critters on this carpet will compliment any room while promoting both fun and learning! The ABC Caterpillar Oval Classroom Rug can be used as a creative seating rug or be used as an educational tool to reinforce your curriculum. The vibrant colors bring a sense of joy and happiness to any classroom. Children of all ages will love the bright colors and smiling faces of two caterpillars trying to find a big red apple, but parents and teachers can appreciate that each section of the carpet features a different letter of the alphabet. Great for classrooms and playrooms alike! Kids will sit, sleep, or play in comfort on the soft carpet and enjoy hours of reading and learning.
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SKU13279 ABC Caterpillar Rug Size 6'9" x 9'5" Oval CK-2295
  • $469.99
SKU13280 ABC Caterpillar Rug Size 8'3" x 11'8" Oval CK-2216
  • $739.99